R & L Lancefield - paper conservation & book restoration

Conservation Grade Framing

  • Conservation grade glass is the ideal choice for framing valued
    documents or works of art.
  • We offer a full framing service ranging from new frames,
    re-framing existing pieces, and restoring old frames.
  • Over time, the ultraviolet rays in everyday light take a toll on framed
    material. paper can become faded, discoloured and brittle.
  • Conservation clear framing glass acts as a barrier between uv rays and framed pieces thus protecting them for years, unlike regular glass.

Rolled Parchment
Small Parchment Small Parchment


  • This charter came to our studio on wooden rollers and housed in a wooden box

  • The parchment document was taken from the rollers, relaxed and then flattened

  • The document was then framed using museum quality mounts and conservation glass.

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