R & L Lancefield - paper conservation & book restoration

Map and Poster Conservation

  • Maps and posters conserved and re-backed on our 10ft backlit wall board.
  • Plans, prints, drawings or any large format works on paper.
10ft Backlit Wall Board Example 1 10ft Backlit Wall Board Example 2


  • The map book was in a state of disrepair after being damaged in a flood and needed taking apart completely.
  • A note was made of where each piece came from.
  • The sheets were washed and de-acidified.
  • The sheets were then put up on the wall board piece by piece on to a backing of archival linen.
  • When dry the complete map was taken down trimmed and folded.
  • A new cover was made to house the map with the original label put back on the front.
Map Book Example 1 Map Book Example 2 Map Book Example 3 Map Book Example 4
Map Book Example 5 Map Book Example 6 Map Book Example 7 Map Book Example 8
Map Book Example 9

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